I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University
To be friends with sports is to be healthy!
317 07.06.2021

A new student cafeteria on 5 Zhyvova (Dorm 1)  offers Ternopil State Medical University students not only delicious and inexpensive meals, have a cup of coffee or tea, but also a place to get together, talk, hold a group meeting, or organize a small concert for friends. The facility can host up to 48 people at a time. On September 3, 2018 the cafeteria had its first visitors, including representatives of TSMU administration and student government.

TSMU Rector professor Mykhaylo Korda, invited students to share their proposals for decorating the cafeteria premises. These creative ideas can be submitted to TSMU Center for Academic Work and Cultural Development (Director Martha Rudenko). Students can also apply to this office if they wish to use the cafeteria for an event. The cafeteria is open from 4 pm to 8 pm, however these hours can be extended if needed and agreed in advance.

On the same day, a renovated student food court also opened its doors. Here students can order delicious and healthy dishes at affordable prices. The menu is very diverse and includes cold appetizers (devilled eggs, pickled beets, cabbage salad, vegetable salad, beet salad, Korean carrot salad, and chicken salad); hot soups (borsch, mushroom soup, potato and split pea soup), main dishes (pork rissoles, fried chicken, beef pilaf, crepes with cheese and sour cream, cheese dumplings with sour cream, stewed chives and onions, chopped chives, dumplings with potatoes and sour cream, potato pancakes with sour cream, meat dumplings, pork chops, fried cod, chicken Kiev), and side dishes (rice with vegetables, buckwheat porridge, pasta, mashed potatoes, french fries, mushrooms with sour cream). The food court can hold 60 people and is open till until 7 pm on work days. Finally, the grounds adjacent to the Zhyvova dorms now have an outdoor sports area including mini-football and volleyball courts.

“We are renovating the grounds of the Dorm 3, installing there outdoor fitness equipment, so that students will be able to take a break from their studies to do some exercises.  We encourage the students to study well, participate in extracurricular activities and use every minute for personal improvement “, said Mykhaylo Korda. The cafeteria and food court can be accessed using student ID or dorm residency cards. Student gym fitness instructors are in charge of sign up and access to the outdoor sports area.