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26 28.06.2023
Real MEDrid is the winner of TNMU Rector’s Cup in Futsal

On April 25–27, the Rector’s Cup in futsal 2023 was held at TNMU. Eight teams from all university faculties took part in the competition.

The following teams were the prize winners:

1st prizeReal MEDrid – the team of the 4th-year students (Myron Boiko, Vladyslav Overchuk, Maksym Levytskyi, Vitalii Saniblidze, Taras Paslavskyi, Pavlo Makohin, Yurii Posheliuzhnyi).

2nd prize – the team of the 6th-year students (Andrii Savchuk, Mykhailo Dychok, Vladyslav Stoliar, Maksym Horishnyi, Andrii Pavlyk, Yurii Shpeniuk)

3rd prize – the team of the students majoring in Physical Therapy (Marian Pavlyshyn, Volodymyr Sichevskyi, Dmytro Navizivskyi, Dmytro Balandiuk, Taras Vydoinyk, Bohdan Sava, Vlad Yurchenko, Dmytro Kachka).

4th prize – the team of the 5th-year students.

The best player of the tournament was a member of the 6th-year students’ team Andrii Savchuk.

This exciting tournament was hosted by TNMU sports complex.

We would like to express our special appreciation to the Red Cross Society of Ukraine for their help in organizing medical support. We also thank the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Professor Petro Lykhatskyi for the ceremonial awarding of the winners and his kind words!

We would like to note that this is the first traditional Rector’s Cup in futsal among students since 2020.

The organizers were Oleksandr Mekhedok and Sviatoslav Flinta, other members of the Student Parliament provided their assistance.


The information was provided by Sofia Berehuliak.

Photographs by Mykola Vasylechko.