I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University
To be friends with sports is to be healthy!
237 06.04.2023

The sports competitions at Ternopil National Medical University were frequently held in the pre-war period, but security during the pandemic imposed some limitations. Today, the Student Parliament of TNMU is gradually restoring this tradition. On February 16, 2023, the TNMU Table Tennis Tournament took place. Everyone could take part after previous registration.

The students of Ternopil National Medical University won the championship which was held in the gym of our university on Kotsiubynskyi Street. In total, more than 40 future doctors took part in it.

The TNMU sports hall was full of competitive emotions and also quite cosy because of a friendly atmosphere there. The thrill of competing in sports is one of the best forms of recreation. It was obvious that the students missed such events.

The fight for the first prise was intense and fierce. Vladyslav Siomko, Pavlo Trufanov, and Kostiantyn Karaziia won in the tournament.

The winners received prizes, medals and diplomas.

The Table Tennis Tournament was organized by Oleksandr Mehedok, the Head of the Student Parliament, Sviatoslav Flinta, the head of the Leisure Sector, and other members of the Student Parliament. Information support for the competition was provided by Sofia Berehuliak.

Yanina Chaikivska, TNMU Press Secretary

Photos by Mykola Vasylechko