I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University
To be friends with sports is to be healthy!


This year Ternopil State Medical University is commemorating its 60th anniversary with a number of events. As a part of these celebrations, on 24 November, 2016 TSMU Student Council organized a chess tournament. Additional objective of the event was to popularize logic board games. Chess is known form the ancient times, but even today the game keeps its significance. It is not surprising that the tournament brought together students from the Dental, Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculties and the International Students Faculty.

The competitors wanted to test their knowledge and intuition. The event started with a welcoming word from the head judge, assistant professor of medical physics Valerii Didukh. Assistant professor of the department of physical rehabilitation, health and physical education Liubov Novakova helped to run the tournament.

Each competitor fought to win, thinking through every move and trying to destroy the opponent’s strategy. Those who ultimately won demonstrated superior logic, persistence and cold mind. Ievhen Momotiuk took first place took, 2nd place went to Iuriy Kovenko and Vadym Kukharchuk placed 3rd.




Under the slogan “The strongest are those who direct their strengths to good deeds!” On September 18, 2016 the second stage of the charitable marathon took place. Ternopil State Medical University also joined it.

Ukrainian and international students of TSMU supported Ternopil citizens in raising funds to purchase an electroencephalograph for free examination of children suffering from epilepsy in Ternopil region. Our university teachers exhorted the youth to good deeds and also ran with them the distance of over kilometer.

The first charitable marathon was held on May 23 this year and 33,121 UAH were raised within one hour. Today, the amount of money raised is 97 000 UAH. To buy the necessary equipment 150,000 USD is required. Nata Bench, Viktoria Farion, Sergii Sholomeichuk were the initiators of this drive.

A student of the Department of Medicine of Ternopil State Medical University Mykhailo Dumnych won this marathon getting ahead of the participant for quite much time. Our international students also ran up the whole distance and made a donation to a noble work.






Ternopil State Medical University supports athletics and encourages participation of students in sports competitions. On 14-16 March 2017, TSMU athletic complex hosted a basketball tournament for the Rector’s Cup, and dedicated  to the 60th anniversary of the University.

According to the tournament’s organizer Ivan Kalka, competing for the grand prize were 15 teams , representing all faculties of the University. The Faculty of Medicine delegated six teams; Faculty of Dentistry, five; Faculty of Pharmacy, one team; the Human Health course, one team; and the International Students Faculty, two teams.

Vice-rector for academic and research work Dr. Arkadiy Sulhai awarded the trophies on behalf of TSMU rector, Dr. Mykhaylo Korda. In his address to the participants of the tournament he emphasized that university administration encourages student initiatives, in particular development of sports, and wished all present success and health.

The first place took a team of the sixth year students, the second – a team of the first-year students , and the third – a team of the second-year students, all teams representing the Faculty of Medicine. Anton Dribnitsov was awarded the MVP title.

Dr. Arkadiy Sulhai used the opportunity to thank on behalf of TSMU administration the tournament organizers as well as student members of Ukrainian Council on resuscitation and emergency medical care, who ensured monitoring of tournament participants’ health, and provided first aid help.



Association of Indian students of Ternopil State Medical University has introduced initiated a sports and  friendship festival, which aims to strengthen the friendly relations between Ukrainian youth and students from other countries studying in Ternopil. Event’s program include 100 and 400 meters race, relay races and team sports – football, volleyball, badminton, and cricket.

Ukrainian students were invited to take part along  with s tudents from a number of international groups, in particular  Associations of Nigerian, Polish, Egyptian, Iraqi and Pakistani students, as well as associations of students from Ghana, Namibia, Morocco, and Congo. In total, 10 international teams compete for the festival grand. The athletes’ health and wellbeing is being monitored by our students – members of the “Red Cross” volunteer squad.

Since the event took place on the eve of one of the most important dates in the history of our city – the first written mention of Ternopil and its official founding (15 April 1540), it was dedicated to this event, allowing each student feel being a part of the history of Ternopil.

The competition events started on 1-2 April 2017. Within a week, on 8 April, the first award ceremonies took place.

Badminton and volleyball competitions took place at TSMU athletic complex, while races were held on the central stadium. The best teams and best runners in each race were determined over two weekends. First place in badminton took, among men, a student from Pakistan Yaqoob Ali and women a student from Poland Wiktoria Karolina. Polish teams won in the men’s and women’s volleyball. A Nigerian team- Atteh Mercy Omolayo, Amina Ummi Mohammed, Igwe Etomchi Chimdi, and Oriaifo Ebosetale Edewede – won women’s relay; while in men’s relay first place took the students from Ghana Kennet Anoff Koranteng, Awnah Baffour Shadrack, Addo Solomon Appeakorang, and Richard Nsiah. The fastest in 400 meters men’s race was a student from Poland Mihal Lenart, and 100 meters race won Indian student Parth Sabya Sachi. Both of these races among women won students from Nigeria, respectively  Oriaifo Ebosetale Edewede and Igwe Etomchi Chimdi. Dean of International Students’ faculty, Professor Petro Selskyi and Cultural Affairs officer, Olena Pocryshko presented the students with participation diplomas, medals and trophies on  April 8, 2017. The winners in football and cricket will be determined during Easter weekend. These competitions will take place on the grounds of  school №29.

“I would like congratulate all the sports festival participants that demonstrated their sporting spirit during this event. I am also sincerely grateful to volunteers, administration and Academic Office of the University, TSMU Department of Physical Rehabilitation and all others who helped to organize SPORTS FEST 2017. I am sure that everyone had good time, found and new friends and and tested one’s  strength, endurance and sportsmanship, “- said the president of the Association of Indian students Arshbeer Sandhu.

Ternopil State Medical University Administration and the Association of Indian students would like to thank Ternopil Deputy Mayor Leonid Bytsiura for his assistance in organizing this event.





The fourth year student of Ternopil State Medical University Faculty of Pharmacy Vladyslav Dovhaliuk had an exciting month taking part in international knights tournament and festivals. He is a member the  Zolota Shpora (Golden Spur) club of our university founded by theDentistry student Andrii Andrusyk.

“I participated in three festivals in Germany. One of them took place near Dresden. It was a big medieval festival with a knightly tournament in which I took the first place. The medal I received is a very interesting one, made out of leather. Another trophy was a fox pelt. Our team also won the first place in 5×5 battles. A week after that, in Kirkhoff near Munich, I took part in another, and even larger, festival, which brought together many more teams and knights. Our team took first place in the 3×3 category. The team included two Ukrainians, two Germans and a girl from Canada. In the individual heats I lost to the winner by a single point, ” said Vladyslav.

Our student also articipated in the festival “Pyrohovo battle” in Kyiv, where he won in individual fights. Finally, Vladyslav Dovhaliuk participated in yet another German festival, which took place on the grounds of Nuremberg fortress. Here his team won the second place in the 5×5 and the first place in 3×3 bouts.

This year, our knights are especially proud that they won the first place in the 21×21 category as part of the Ukrainian team in May during the Battle of Nations in Barcelona. The a team from Russia took second place, and a French team placed third. This victory was three years in the making. In previous competitions they got to the second place.




For several years now Ternopil State Medical University has been involved in the citywide International Day of University Sport, aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle and popularizing different sports activities among young people. On 20 September, in TSMU’s Athletics Hall students and instructors from Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Human Health and Physical Education took part in a flash mob, during which they performed a series of physical workouts, including floor push-calisthenics and balance exercises.

International Day of University Sport is a worldwide special event taking place each year on September 20th. It was initiated by International University Sports Federation (FISU), which proposed to UNESCO to internationally recognize a day dedicated to university sport. The proposal was endorsed by UNESCO’s Member States at the 38th session of the General Conference in Paris in November 2015. In Ukraine, universities organize a series of athletics events to mark this date.



For two weeks in a row, on weekends (3-4 and 10-11 February 2018), an international football tournament took place at the sports complex of Ternopil State Medical University. Twelve student teams took part in the competition. The teams included student athletes from Iraq, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, India, Morocco, Cameroon, and Ukraine.

The competition for the main prize was intense, and as a result of it the BlackTeam, which included students from Ghana, took the first place. Egyptian-Iraq-Morocco team  placed second, while the team of Ukrainian students took bronze. The MVP cup was awarded to Ashraf Amasha.

Professor Petro Selskyi, dean of the International Students’ Faculty, presented the awards. Dr. Selskyi wished all participants successful training, professional growth and many new happy student life experiences. He emphasized the importance of being active in public and charitable activities as well as in sports. Such events help to develop friendships and find a common language for people from different cultures.

Deputy director of the Center for Academic Work and Cultural Development, associate professor Olena Pokryshko also greeted the participants, giving special thanks to the initiators of the tournament, Younes Hanafi and Arshbeer Sandhu.



II Open University Games of the city of Ternopil organized by the Department for Family, Youth and Sports of Ternopil City Council and Ternopil Regional Branch of the Committee on Physical Education and Sport of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine started on March 6, 2018. Ternopil State Medical University teams take part in basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball (3 by 3), chess, swimming, and arm wrestling competitions.

Our chess team was the first to test their mettle. TSMU, TNPU TNEU-1 and TNEU-2 teams competed in a team and personal championship. Students from Ternopil State Medical University took the I place, leaving behind traditionally strong TNEU-1 and TNEU-2. Our team includes Mykhailo Yakymchuk, Yurii Kovenko (Faculty of Dentistry), Uliana Soltys, Natalia Boiko, Oleksandr Ivaniuk (Faculty of Medicine) and Dekri Mindo (International Students’ Faculty).

Mykhailo Yakymchuk took the first place on the first board, Dekri Mindo and Yurii Kovenko the first place on the second board, and Uliana Soltys was the second on the first board. Altogether, TSMU team scored 12 points. The tournament took place in the chess club of Ternopil National Economic University.

Ternopil Medical University team is coached by Assistant Professor of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Human Health and Physical Education Liubov Novakova.





Recently Ternopil State Medical University opened a new modern gym in the dorm 1 located on 3 Zhyvova. It has now become even more convenient for medical students to take care of their health.

The gym has high quality fitness equipment, including Inter Athletic Gym and Professional Line, as well as Fitex Cardiovascular equipment. In order to make the training as effective and safe as possible, three qualified trainers, Maksym Videlskyi, Andrii Hedez, and Vladyslav Zharskyi will be employed at the gym. They will develop tailor made traning programs for those who requite it, monitor the correct performance of the exercises and overall keep order in the gym. The capacity of the new gym is up to 50 people.

The facility also has male and female areas with lockers, showers and toilets. In addition, there is a lounge where gym visitors can relax, have a tea, talk and just rest after their workout. Opening the gym, TSMU rector professor Mykhaylo Korda, emphasized that young people should take responsibility for their own health, however the university is constantly working to create the right environment and encourage student involvement in athletic activities. All TSMU students and university employees can attend the gym for free, showing their student or staff ID. A dedicated gym pass can be ordered through the software department located in the administrative building of TSMU.

Gym hours: on weekdays from 16.00 to 22.00, weekends 10.00 to 22.00. Close-toed athletic footwear is required.

A new student cafeteria on 5 Zhyvova (Dorm 1)  offers Ternopil State Medical University students not only delicious and inexpensive meals, have a cup of coffee or tea, but also a place to get together, talk, hold a group meeting, or organize a small concert for friends. The facility can host up to 48 people at a time. On September 3, 2018 the cafeteria had its first visitors, including representatives of TSMU administration and student government.

TSMU Rector professor Mykhaylo Korda, invited students to share their proposals for decorating the cafeteria premises. These creative ideas can be submitted to TSMU Center for Academic Work and Cultural Development (Director Martha Rudenko). Students can also apply to this office if they wish to use the cafeteria for an event. The cafeteria is open from 4 pm to 8 pm, however these hours can be extended if needed and agreed in advance.

On the same day, a renovated student food court also opened its doors. Here students can order delicious and healthy dishes at affordable prices. The menu is very diverse and includes cold appetizers (devilled eggs, pickled beets, cabbage salad, vegetable salad, beet salad, Korean carrot salad, and chicken salad); hot soups (borsch, mushroom soup, potato and split pea soup), main dishes (pork rissoles, fried chicken, beef pilaf, crepes with cheese and sour cream, cheese dumplings with sour cream, stewed chives and onions, chopped chives, dumplings with potatoes and sour cream, potato pancakes with sour cream, meat dumplings, pork chops, fried cod, chicken Kiev), and side dishes (rice with vegetables, buckwheat porridge, pasta, mashed potatoes, french fries, mushrooms with sour cream). The food court can hold 60 people and is open till until 7 pm on work days. Finally, the grounds adjacent to the Zhyvova dorms now have an outdoor sports area including mini-football and volleyball courts.

“We are renovating the grounds of the Dorm 3, installing there outdoor fitness equipment, so that students will be able to take a break from their studies to do some exercises.  We encourage the students to study well, participate in extracurricular activities and use every minute for personal improvement “, said Mykhaylo Korda. The cafeteria and food court can be accessed using student ID or dorm residency cards. Student gym fitness instructors are in charge of sign up and access to the outdoor sports area.